Instructor, Nursing Program

March 6, 2024

Instructor, Nursing Program

The Instructor/faculty shall be responsible to the Coordinator, Director, and Dean of Health Sciences for State Fair Community College.
The faculty of the program shall be responsible for:
1.    Compliance with minimum standards.
2.    Ongoing planning, systematic development, implementation and evaluation in relationship to the philosophy and outcome criteria of the ADN and PN programs.
3.    Providing input on program related policies regarding recruitment, admission, retention, promotion, and graduation of students
4.    Instruction and evaluation of students.
5.    Participating in and evaluating goals for recruitment, admission, retention, promotion and graduation of students.
6.    Ensuring availability of academic advisement and guidance of students.
7.    Maintaining student records per program and institutional policies.
8.    Ensuring confidentiality of student records.
9.    Maintaining clinical and educational competencies in area of instructional responsibilities.
10.    Participation in student activities as appropriate.
11.    Participation in departmental and institutional policies and decision-making.
12.    Serving as assigned mentor for less seasoned and new faculty and complete appropriate documentation
13.    Contributing to the budget request process
14.    Facilitating alignment of courses in collaboration with the coordinators, directors, and faculty.
15.    Linking program outcomes to performance criteria.
16.    Participate in professional development pertinent to best-practices in nursing education, including simulation, and appropriately apply concepts to class and clinical.

During contracted days, full-time faculty must be accessible to students and colleagues in person on campus, by phone or by email during the normal operating hours of the college. Full-time faculty must hold at least 5 Student Support Hours a week during the fall and spring semesters, scheduled over 2 or more days a week, at least 3 hours being held on-ground. Faculty members on 184-day contracts must hold 2 Student Support Hours per week during the summer term they are teaching. Faculty are expected to be on campus or in the clinical setting a minimum of 20 minutes prior to scheduled courses/clinical start time.


Essential Duties:
1.    Clinical:
1.    Make recommendations for implementation of the changes in curriculum.
2.    Provide appropriate instructional experiences, including simulation, to meet the objectives of the program.
3.    Supervise the work of students in the clinical lab.
4.    Work with the clinical facilities to provide the most suitable clinical experiences for students.
5.    Maintain positive working relationship and open communication with clinical sites.
6.    Complete evaluations of the clinical sites and simulation activities.
7.    Assist with obtaining preceptorship agreements in assigned areas of clinical.
8.    Assist the coordinator with clinical schedules as needed.
9.    Attend clinical site orientation with students as required.
10.    Attend clinical orientation and provide a current clinical syllabus and documents for each clinical to students, the student success coordinator, and the administrative assistant as requested.
11.    Make assignments at clinical facility for each assigned student (as per clinical syllabus)
12.    Arrive at hospital on clinical days at least 20 minutes before students to check assignments.
13.    Conduct pre and post clinical conference with students.
14.    Observe, guide, and assist students with nursing actions, medications, charting, and special procedures.
15.    Maintain clinical site regulations such as orientation of EMR, medication dispensing equipment, restraints, etc.
16.    Write anecdotal notes on each assigned student, review clinical assignments and write an evaluation on each student at end of clinical rotation.
17.    Grade and return routine clinical paperwork to students prior to the next clinical experience.
18.    Complete an individual conference with each student after the rotation to review his/her evaluations and at any time deemed necessary during the rotation.
19.    Maintain online Learning Management Software (LMS) course and meet lead or section instructor responsibilities (as outlined by SFCC).
20.    Collaborate with coordinator and other staff as appropriate regarding student absences, remediation, and other student issues.
21.    Counsel students on clinical performance, attendance, professionalism or other concerns as needed.
22.    Complete clinical matrix as a course and program evaluation tool.
23.    Analyze student responses to clinical course evaluations, including simulation activities and clinical sites, for quality improvement opportunities.  
24.    Participates in documentation for program and campus.
25.    Use appropriate software to report student concerns in order to increase retention and completion rates.

2.    Classroom:
1.    Make recommendations and appropriate changes in curriculum as necessary
2.    Maintain online Learning Management Software (LMS) course and meet lead or section instructor responsibilities (as outlined by SFCC).
3.    Provide appropriate and varied instructional experiences to meet the objectives of the program.
4.    Maintain LMS gradebook on currently enrolled students and post grades within one week of assignment due date.
5.    Report student attendance, grades and progress reports by published deadlines.
6.    Counsel students on failed exams, attendance, professionalism or other concerns as needed.
7.    Collaborate with coordinator and other staff as appropriate regarding student absences, exam remediation, and other student issues.
8.    Avail self to students for individualized and/or group instruction.
9.    Confer with the coordinator or other resources in regard to ordering and preparing instructional material or any instructional difficulties encountered.
10.    Utilize LMS, classroom technology, computers, and other instructional aids as appropriate.
11.    Convene and dismiss class punctually.
12.    Provide a current course syllabus and documents for each course to students, the student success coordinator, and administrative assistant as requested.
13.    Collaborate regularly with co-instructors and assist other instructors as necessary  
14.    Assist with development of the budget for supplies, equipment, and software needed to implement and maintain the programs.
15.    Perform in the role of lead instructor as designated by the coordinator or director.
16.    Complete a matrix as part of course and program evaluation.
17.    Analyze student responses to course evaluations for quality improvement opportunities.  
18.    Participates in documentation for program and campus.
19.    Use appropriate software to report student concerns in order to increase retention and completion rates.
20.    Routinely updates level coordinator of progress and challenges.
21.    Assist with registering students for classes and fulfill the duties of advisor for students as needed.
22.    Meet SFCC expectations of in-service attendance.
23.    Attend and participate in recruitment activities.
24.    Attend all college, division and department meetings.
25.    Serve on campus, department and community councils/committees as requested by the Director or other members of the Executive Leadership Team.
26.    Participate in the Nursing Program Advisory Board.
27.    Communicates with navigators and pre-nursing students regarding program events and changes in student requirements.
28.    Actively participates in professional nursing organizations.
29.    Assist with delivery of new student orientation every semester.
30.    Attend SFCC Health Science pinning and graduation ceremonies.
31.    Completes other duties as assigned.

The preceding duties have been provided as examples of the essential types of work performed by positions within this job classification.  Management reserves the right to add, modify, change or rescind work assignments as needed.


Meet minimum standards for State Board approval, Bachelor’s degree in nursing with clinical component. Master’s degree in Nursing or higher advanced nursing degree preferred. Evidence of active pursuit of a Master’s degree in Nursing or willingness to start a Master’s program in nursing within the first year of hire will be considered. The Master’s Degree in Nursing must have a clinical component in either the Bachelors of Science in Nursing or Master’s with major in Nursing.  


Shall be currently licensed to practice as a registered professional nurse in Missouri.
Nursing license cannot ever have been disciplined related to public safety. Should be active in professional nursing organizations. Current BLS/CPR
Knowledge of Microsoft Office tools, demonstrate evidence of excellent oral and written communication skills, demonstrate student centeredness, be able to interact with a broad range of people with diverse backgrounds both on and off campus in a positive manner, demonstrate a commitment to the philosophy and mission of the community college.

Exhibit qualities of emotional maturity, genuineness, self-confidence, common sense, judgment, fairness, creativity, discretion, decisiveness, resiliency, adaptability, courage of convictions, tolerance for ambiguity, integrity and trustworthiness, ability to make good, consistent and fair decisions (based on fact and data), ability to work with cross-functional teams and to foster teamwork.  Current immunizations as outlined in Health Science Immunization Policy and meet clinical site requirements. Successfully pass required drug and background checks


Shall have the equivalent of 2 years of full-time experience within 5 years or have 2 years of part-time experience in the last 5 years and evidence of active pursuit of a Master’s of Science in Nursing or higher advanced degree.  Experience shall be in nursing education, clinical practice, or administration.


 *Completed applications will include SFCC application, cover letter, resume and if applicable transcripts. Employment will require a criminal background check at College Expense

AA Statement: SFCC is an equal opportunity employer. It is the policy of State Fair Community College not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, ancestry, national origin, or veteran status in its educational programs, activities or employment as required by law in regard to admissions, awarding financial aid, access to courses and programs, and all student services as well as the recruitment, admission and retention of students.

 As part of our enduring commitment to inclusive excellence on our campus, State Fair Community College, is a member of the Greater Missouri Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC). HERC supports job seekers through the higher education job search process and it supports institutions in their efforts to create inclusive recruitment, hiring, and retention practices for staff and faculty.

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